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Name Jeanne Shepard
Date Added 2010-02-10 01:00:00
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 50 Vanguard
Background Colonist / War Hero
Romanced Kaidan
Garrus added to party Yes
Wrex added to party Yes
Wrex killed No
Saved Council Yes
Party member saved Kaidan
Appointed to council Captain Anderson
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Completionist: Everything was completed, including all collection quests
Saved the Rachni Queen
Conrad Verner: Renegade treatment
Completed the UNC: Asari Diplomacy sidequest
Did NOT allow the Alliance to conduct experiments on Nirali Bhatia's body
Feros Zhu's Hope: Completed all of the quests, and saved all of the colonists.
Encouraged Garrus to be more Renegade-like

Anything else unusual:The console was used to add a bonus talent and to give some extra skill points to max Charm/Intimidate, but there shouldn't be anything that would prevent ME2 from playing nice with the save, as far as I know.

Name Pie Shepard
Date Added 2010-04-21 05:51:59
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 50 Adept
Background Spacer / Ruthless
Romanced Kaidan
Garrus added to party Yes
Wrex added to party Yes
Wrex killed No
Saved Council Yes
Party member saved Kaidan
Appointed to council Captain Anderson
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Largely Paragon, but with a hard-nosed "get the job done/look at the big picture" attitude (i.e. killing Balak) and unsympathetic towards whiners.
Mostly Paragon options on the big decisions, very mixed/mostly Renegade choices on smaller quests and in dialogue; preferred use of the "Intimidate" dialogue option to convince/resolve tense situations.

Paragon Bar 100%, Renegade 60% full.
Completionist, finished everything apart from the UCN: Valuable Minerals quest (including the other Collection quests, scanning all the keepers etc.)

- Bring Down the Sky with Renegade ending
- No Pinnacle Station
- Saved the Rachni Queen
- Renegade Treatment of Conrad
- Convinced Nirali's husband to allow Alliance experimentation on his wife's body
- Convinced Michael to let Rebekah make the choice about her baby (Citadel "Family Matter", using Intimidate)
- UNC: Asari Diplomacy completed
- Helped Jenna and Rita at the Citadel
- Let Shiala live (Feros/Thorian)
- Let Fist live (Citadel)
- Helped Gianna Parasini, persuaded Lorik to testify against Anoleis
- Helped the colonists on Feros with their quests
- Killed the scientists on Nodacrux, rejected their bribe
- Convinced Biotic extremists to let Burns go via Intimidate; told Burns to follow through on reparations
- Intimidated Helena Blake into disbanding her gang
- Toombs and Cerberus scientist both live (UCN: Dead Scientists)
- Helped Tali with the Geth data
- Refused interview
- Helped Emily Wong (Citadel)
- Completed quest for Schell, tested his gambling device without alerting Doran
- Did smuggling for Opold on Noveria
- Convinced Major Kyle to surrender and avoided casualties
- Let Rana go on Virmire
- Let the first imprisioned Salarian out of his cell on Virmire, refused the second (crazy) one and took the Renegade option to mercy-kill the others
- Convinced Lt. Zabaleta to get help via Intimidate option (Spacer background specific quest)
- Completed Paragon alignment specific quest with zero civilian casualties
- Encouraged Garrus to be more Paragon, but might have missed something as it seems to have gotten lost in the transition to ME2
- Renegade treatment of Keeler (giving him depressant instead of stimulant)
- Didn't endorse Terra Firma party/denied voting for them
- No cheats or tweaks of any kind

This Shepard was submitted by lea.l

Name Valdis Shepard
Date Added 2010-08-06 23:54:38
Gender / AlignmentFemale Mixed
Level / Class 60 Vanguard
Background Colonist / Ruthless
Romanced Kaidan
Garrus added to party Yes
Wrex added to party Yes
Wrex killed No
Saved Council Yes
Party member saved Kaidan
Appointed to council Ambassador Udina
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((Cheats: Maxed out Renegade with cheats, and gave self a few extra talent points to top off Intimidate. Also added a few extra grenades during the Feros colonist portion.))

Originally started out to be pure Renegade, ended up with 60-65% of the Paragon bar filled due purely to game choices.

Completionist run, every single sidequest done, checked list against ME wiki.

Bring Down the Sky installed, left Balak to die.
Pinnacle Station installed, completed, got apartment.

Citadel quests:
-Asari Consort quests done; used trinket on Eletania.
-Had Nirali Bhatia's body returned to Samesh.
-Convinced mother to undergo gene therapy for 'Family Matter'.
-Punched Al-Jilani for 'The Fourth Estate'.
-Intimidated the preaching Hanar on the Citadel.
-Talitha given sedative (Paragon outcome) for the Colonist background quest.
-Intimidated Chellick to free Rita's sister, helped him anyways by buying the mods.
-Conrad Verner intimidated.
-Intimidated Nassana Dantius into giving prototype asari mods for UNC: Asari Diplomacy.
-Did not support Charles Saracino for Our Own Worst Enemy.
-Elias Keeler given stimulant for Negotiator's Request.

-Helped Mallene Calis for the Espionage quest, used all Intimidate options on Binary Helix dude, then intimidated Calis for more credits.
-Used Intimidate on Lorik Qui'in, got him to testify against Anoleis for Gianna.
-Rachni Queen left alive.

-All Zhu's Hope quests done.
-NO colonists killed.
-Shiala lives and stays with the colony.

Uncharted Space:
-All collection quests done (Generally only gathered the minimum needed to complete the assignment)
-Dr. Saleon killed for Garrus' quest.
-Wrex's family armour retrieved.
-Gave Tali the Geth data for her Pilgrimage.
-Let Toombs kill scientist for UNC: Dead Scientists.
-Killed all ExoGeni scientists for UNC: ExoGeni Facility; did not accept bribe.
-Intimidated the Biotics into letting Burns live for UNC: Hostage.
-Major Kyle intimidated into surrendering peacefully.
-Helena Blake intimidated into disbanding gang for UNC: Hostile Takeover.
-Darius killed for UNC: The Negotiation.

-Kirrahe dead; most of the rest of the team lived.
-Wrex alive, intimidated.

Aaaaand intimidated Saren into suicide.

This Shepard was submitted by Charvyll.

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