How to Submit Your Shepard

(Please scroll to the bottom for Mod submission guidelines.)

Thank you for considering submitting your Shepard! I will take good care of him or her. ;)
Please read the information below to make sure you fill out all fields correctly, especially the text field, before submitting your Shepard or your Shepard may not get posted!

If your Shepard didn't get posted, 99% of the time the reason will be because the text box field wasn't filled out correctly or at all.

We're only accepting Shepards that are at least level 50, unless you have a save that's fairly unique.

There are two files you will need to upload.:
The first file to be sent has a name that looks something like this: Char_01-60-1-1-5-2-1-2010-27-6.MassEffectSave

This file is required and I cannot post your Shepard without it.

The second file I'm requesting is your very last save you have before the Saren fight. Your last quick or normal save for that character will work. That file will be named something like:
(Charcter name)00_QuickSave.MassEffectSave
Between these two, that will cover whatever someone will need to import your character to their game. I'm requesting this save so people can make their own Char file and could pick different Save/Kill Udina/Anderson choices if desired. This file is not required, however.

Both files are in your my documents\Bioware\Mass Effect\Save directory. If you're on Vista, it's (Your Profile Name)\Documents\Bioware\Mass Effect\Save. The size of the files should be somewhere around 120 - 140k each.

To help ensure everyone reads what needs to go in the Text Box field and how it needs to be formatted, the submission link is at the bottom of the page. I really appreciate anyone taking the time to send in their save, but if your description is too messy, left out a bunch of information, done in all caps or otherwise difficult to edit, your Shepard will not be posted.

Please note that your Shepard will need to be manually approved by me before he or she shows up on the website, please don't submit the same character more than once (unless you have different versions of the same character)! Also, realize puttng in "joke" characters does nothing but make me delete it before anyone sees it.


NAME: Please type in the FIRST NAME ONLY of your Shepard. (The Shepard part will populate automatically.)

BACKGROUND & REPUTATION: Pick one of each - Earthborn, Spacer, or Colonist AND Ruthless, Sole Survivor, or War Hero

CLASS: Pick the class this Shepard is. (We know you can change classes in ME2 :) )

GENDER: Pick your Shepard's Gender

ALIGNMENT: Paragon, Renegade or Mixed? Generally I think of "Mixed" as if you did an even or at least 66/34% split between paragon and renegade decisions, not necessarily which bars are full, especially if you exploited one of the faction bugs. If you pick "Mixed" please explain why in the text field.

LEVEL: Please type in the level of your Shepard.

ROMANCE: Please pick which character, if any, you romanced to completion. NOTE: ME2 treats a romance as completed IF a character came to visit you in your quarters on the way to Ilos. If you flirted with a character but left them behind on Virmire or they didn't visit your quarters before Ilos, that does not count. However, if they showed up in your quarters EVEN IF you didn't have sexytime with them, that still counts for ME2 romance purposes!

WREX / GARRUS Added to party: Check these UNLESS you left one of them at the Citadel and never added them to your game.

WREX KILLED: Check this if Wrex died on Virmire. If he died, please note in the text field if you killed him or if Ashley did.

KAIDAN SACRIFICED: Please check this if you left Kaidan to die on Virmire. If Ashley died, leave it unchecked.

SAVED COUNCIL: Please check this if you saved the Destiny Asencion from the Reapers. If you told the fleet to focus on Soverign, leave unchecked.

Appointed Capt. Anderson: Please check if you chose Anderson for a spot on the council. If you picked Udina, leave unchecked.

TEXT BOX - If you leave this blank or do not include all of the information below, your Shepard will not be approved.
Please help me out and don't do the "copy/paste the list then just answer at the end of the question" method, and instead just type out a quick but clear answer to each line. (See how I have all the saves formatted on the site.) The greatest timesink for me into this site has been having to re-type or re-arrange people's descriptions, so please take a quick look at any save on the site and make your text look as much like that as possible. Thank you very much!

Was your Shepard a completionist, even completing all mineral/Insignia/Matriarch Writings gathering sidequests and exploring every planet, doing every side quest? Or was this more of a "speed run" through the game?

Bring Down the Sky installed or not installed?
-Did you save the workers or kill Baalak?
Pinnacle Station installed or not installed?

-Did you kill Rachni Queen or save the Rachni Queen?
-Did you treat Conrad Verner nicely (Paragon) mean (Renegade), or get him killed (Neutral)?
-Did you complete the UNC: Asari Diplomacy sidequest?
-At the Thorian, did you let the Asari who was cloned live or did you kill her?
-On Noveria, did you help Parasini arrest Anolias or did you get Parasini killed?
-Did you let Helena Blake live, did you kill her, or did you not do her quest?
-On the Citadel, did Fist live, or did he die?
-Did you allow the Alliance to experiment on Nirali Bhatia's body or did you get the Alliance to give the body back to her husband?

Feel free to add any more detail you'd like from here on out, or not! If you want to get insanely detailed about what your Shepard did in any particular quest or every single minor quest, feel free to put it here. PLEASE DO NOT PUT MASS EFFECT 2 SPOILERS IN YOUR DESCRIPTION.

If you'd like credit, please include a name - a forums name, your real name, whatever, with a line like "This Shepard was submitted by (you)".
If you want the world to see your Shepard, feel free to include a link in your description where you're hosting a picture. Realize that the people who download your Shepard can change the appearance of the Shepard, so the appearance doesn't really matter a whole lot to your audience.

CONTACT: If you'd like me to be able to contact you, please leave an email address. This address WILL NOT BE DISPLAYED when people search for your Shepard.
I absolutely will NOT use your email address for anything, ever (except asking you any follow-up questions I might have and thanking you for being so awesome.) If there's anything you'd like me to know before I post your Shep, either leave me a note in the last line of the text body or just shoot me an email.

CHARACTER FILE: Please upload the CHAR file as described above here.

SAVE FILE: Please upload the SAVE file as described above here.

Now that you know what to put in the text box field because you've read the instructions above, GO HERE to submit your save. Keep this window open so you can fill out the text box correctly. The result page will let you know if your submission was successful.

Thanks again for submitting your Shepard! If everything was done correctly, I'll have him or her up in a few days. If your Shepard is not approved for some reason AND you filled out the Text Box correctly, I'll email you to let you know why. I am not emailing people who didn't fill out the Text box at all or anything like it should look like anymore.


Mods List Submission

Please note: I do not provide support for these mods, I'm just linking to them to show what's out there. Currently I am not hosting mods, either. If you submit a mod, I may not post it without some method to contact you about it provided.

If you'd like a link to your Mass Effect Mod (ME1 or ME2) Please fill out the following and email to

Contact Info where you can be reached (Email, IM, Bioware Social Page, anything)

Is this a ME1 or ME2 mod:

Link to Download Mod: (NOTE: I will host your mod if it's not very big! Please attach it in the email if you'd like me to host it.)

Mod Name:

Short Mod Description:

Install and Uninstall Directions:

Other Notes:


Please email with any questions, comments or updates that need to happen.

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