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Many of these links were taken from the Something Awful Forums Mass Effect 2 Thread OP. Thanks Count Choculitis & other Goons!

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Official Sites

Bioware's Official Mass Effect Site
Official Mass Effect 2 Twitter

ME2 Patches
Your DLC / Entitlements page
Buy DLC for PC

How to upload a custom avatar on the Bioware social site - Requires Dragon Age for PC. PLEASE be awesome and don't abuse this and get it taken away from everyone.

Download Bring Down the Sky (which is free!)
Buy/Download Pinnacle Station

Other Fan Sites

The very awesome

Mass Effect 2 Wiki

Mass Effect Livejournal Community (possible some links contained within could be considered NSFW but they do a good job of warning you beforehand)

Dedicated Mass Effect 2 Modders forum

Mass Affinity, a program that helps with the long load times bug sometimes experienced with duo-core processors.

ME1 to ME2 Face Code Converter (Very awesome!) - News, info and social networking for FemSheps

N7 Academy - A community for all Mass Effect fans

A page full of useful links - updated gibbed's savegame editors (including one for 360), interesting posts, and a display name editor.

Fuck Yeah, Bioware! - A tumblr blog run by Count Choculitis and myself about the awesomeness of all Bioware games

Helpful Game Info

Mass Effect Lists - A helpful site with checklists of important things from both games that will help you complete all the siequests and collect ALL the things!

Weapons Guide - with Actual stats parsed from Coalesced.ini

Mass Effect Gameplay Data from the Devs

A List of good planets to farm Element Zero from

List of all the N7 Missions

How to kill off almost all your squadmates and still have Shepard live at the end.

Which decisions in ME1 affect ME2

Spoiler-Free walkthrough of how to help ensure everyone survives at the end

SQ's Unofficial Guide to Mass Effect Backstory Choices

A downloadable chart explaining how to save (or kill!) your teammates in the endgame



Would you like your phone to ring as Moradin singing? Here for .m4r or here for mp3. (Thanks to Count Choculitis for these!)

Kabuko The Python - Those Minerals
Kabuto the Python - The Good Stuff

Jennifer Hale Interview where she talks a lot about playing FemShep.

Mass Effect Club Music
Club Dark Star Song ( John Morgan - Happiness )
Club Afterlife Song ( Saki Kaska - Callista )
Club Eternity Song ( Comaduster - To Hide? To Seek )


A helpful video on tweaking the game for a better visual experience.

SSV Normandy Destruction - Battlestar Galactica Style

Zero Punctuation Review of Mass Effect 2

Amusing 5-minute summary of ME1

Commander Shepard is still such a jerk. (Mass Effect 1 Version)
Also check out Biggest Bitch in the Galaxy

Fan Trailer - Female Shepard (Very awesome!)

Female Remake of the official launch trailer

Mass Effect 2 CSI Style 1 2 3 4

Legion and Thane on Purgatory

ieffect5901 ME2 Playthrough Videos

Can someone please help this guy figure out how to beat the end boss? (Yeah I don't know wtf either. :) )

The Science of Mass Effect 2

Fan Art Note: These are just pieces I have seen and thought were well done. All should be SFW.

Mass Affect Too The Squad we all REALLY want to have in ME3, right?
An Unknown Enemy
Thane Krios
The quarian they call Kal
The Funeral
Skyllian Five Poker
Mass Effect Heartbreak (Included because this is exactly how I felt) :(
Garrus Owns (It's true!)

Reviews & Interesting Articles

A Positive Review of the Relationships in ME2 and Dragon Age

D&D Tips from Mass Effect 2

Interesting article about ME2's voice talent localization.

Christina Norman Talks ME3 Game Design. Also with Full Presentation

An interesting interview on the Science of Mass Effect.

Useful Information About ME2

Total resources needed to research/buy all useful projects in Mass Effect 2: (Note that this hasn't been updated since game release so it's a bit more now with new DLCs)
195,000 Palladium
225,000 Platinum (+50,000 for Med-bay Upgrade)
220,000 Iridium
31,000 Element Zero (+5,000 for Bonus Power Training and +2,500 to retrain Shepard's powers)
1,250,000 Credits

Q) Why is this game loading SO SLOW on PC?
A) Goon regulargonzalez has advice:
The Unreal engine has a bug with C2D cpus where loads can take 10x longer than normal. If it takes more than a 3-4 seconds to use the elevator in the Normandy and you have a C2D, here's how to fix it:
1. Start ME2
2. Alt tab, bring up Task Manager, find the MassEffect2 process, remove affinity from CPU 0, click OK.
3. Put the tickmark back by CPU 0 (should have them both ticked now), click OK.
4. Alt-tab back to the game, and your loads should be fast again!

Also note: Mass Affinity, which is linked above, will do this for you automatically.

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