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**11/7/2020** Happy N7 Day 2020!
Hello friends! If you haven't heard yet, the N7 Remaster Trilogy has been announced! I have no idea if the saves hosted here will work with the Legendary Remaster. I don't know if I'll host saves if it needs different save files. I don't know anything but that I'm excited to play through it! And then probably keep playing the originals filled with all the mods I've come to see as essential. :D

Also... OMG NEW MASS EFFECT GAME UNDER DEVELOPMENT! I'm sure it'll be a loooong wait til we'll be playing it but... good to know that after so many years, new Mass Effect is coming!

**5/19/2020** XBOX Page Update!
GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! The XBox360 page has been updated with all-new links for moving saves to/from PC/XBox 360. Does this work with XBox One? I don't know, I don't own one. Someone want to try it and tweet me the answer (@annakie)? Thanks to /u/mirh for the updated conversion site link, it only took me four months to see it!

**3/31/2020** Small Downtime!
Hey everyone, my hosting provider upgraded / moved some stuff around on the backend of the site, and we had to change DNS servers, so you may have experienced some short downtime while the DNS updated. If you're reading this, it should be all over now.

It's also come to my attention that Shepard submitting is broken. We're not sure why. It's being looked at, may continue to be broken for awhile. I'll post again when it's not! Thanks to ThinkingNessaja and TheLone_SheWolf for letting me know!

**10/7/2019** Stuff was Borked + Updates!
I missed an announcement from my hosting provider that they were no longer going to support the version of php the site was built on, and so save downloading was broken for about a week. Thanks to /r/masseffect & several people on twitter for alerting me. After updating the php, we're back up and running again, hopefully for a very long time! Sorry for the downtime, anyone who was unable to download a save!

I fixed up the Mods section, removing a lot of broken links, and uploaded a version of RoadCrewWrecker's Coalesced editor for ME2 with a lot of the now-vanished mods from the BSN included. This was the version I have always used. There's a lot of things in there that would now not be considered properly credited because they've been lost to the ether with the BSN shutting down. Let me know if your mod is in there and you want credit!

I also updated the FAQ, the Xbox 360 page and several other pages including the me2saves front page to remove broken/outdated information and update them to what's current, and cleaned the header up some. Also the import page has been updated with instructions and screenshots for Windows 10 instead of ...Vista.

If you have information, files, or anything from the BSN that is now lost, or once hosted something like the save file converter for Xbox and would like me to host those things now, please tweet me @annakie and let's talk about getting those things back up and running here!

**UPDATE 9/20/2019** It's 2019, Let's do an update!
Hey everyone! It's been exactly two and a half years since I did an update, so I guess it's about time!?

I approved "new" saves today, everything since early 2017. If you filled out the text box correctly, your save has been approved. If you left the text box blank or just copied the questions in there without answering, your save was deleted. Also, I've always meant to say this, but so many of you leave nice messages for me at the bottom of the text box. It always makes me smile when I read them, thank you guys for that! I always delete them before approving, but they do mean a lot to me.

I've gotten more lazy about making sure the text box is formatted correctly, but if there's a good amount of information in there, it's approved. I didn't keep count but there were probably over 20 from each game approved today. Look for new saves in March, 2022 at this rate! :D

Hey do you have like, old mods that aren't on the Nexus that you think should be hosted somewhere? Or copies of BSN old posts that are useful that you think should be hosted somewhere? Let me know @annakie on twitter, maybe I can host those things where people may see them? As a reminder, I do have some ME2 mods hosted here. See the menu at the top of the page.

On a personal note, I'm pretty sad there's been no Mass Effect news lately, let's hope Bioware has a secret project that will surprise us all. Andromeda was a good game with some definite flaws, and it didn't deserve the hate it got, so I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.

I'm on my like eleventh playthrough of the original trilogy now. The amazing mods coming out for the games, especially ME3, have helped keep the series fresh. If you can, play the game on PC and head over to the Nexus sites for each game. My eternal love to the modders for Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod (+ other ending mod flavors like LIME and JAM), Citadel Epilogue Mod (aka the "I actually look forward to the ending now" mod), Expanded Galaxy Mod + all its extras, ME1/2/3 Recalibrated, Hair Mods as DLC, FemShep's Closet, ThaneMod & BackOff, MEModder, Priority Earth Overhaul Mod, Better Journal, Operation Paladin, Spectre Expansion Mod, Lights Effect, Project Variety, Respawn, ME3Explorer, Ark Mod, Miranda on the Normandy, Omega Hub, Better Dreams, ALOT, and all the texture modders. I'm sure I forgot some of the ones that I love, sorry! But honestly, I couldn't imagine playing ME3 especially without all you guys ever again. <3

And to re-iterate, this site and masseffect2saves aren't going anywhere anytime soon. The site doesn't even pay for itself anymore what with adblockers blocking out the few ads I have up, but I don't care. This site is for the fandom. Be good to each other.


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