Help with creating a character

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Help with creating a character

Postby Raganui » December 18th, 2014, 11:19 pm

So, I tried my hand at editing a file using Gibbed before I came here, but the info in ME3 was off from what I put in, meaning the raw values (which gave me a headache trying to look at) wasn't quite right, and I decided I didn't want to try loading it and have something go wrong.

I'm trying to make a renegade Shepard for ME3, here's what I got in mind character wise.

Name Alaric Shepard
Gender / Alignment Male Renegade
Level / Class 30 Adept
Background Colonist / Sole Survivor
Romanced None
Collector Base Destroyed
Casualties None
DLCs All

Kaidan lives
Wrex lives
Original council
Anderson on council
Rachni Dead
Deal with the Geth Flyers to save the salarian who's name I forget atm.
Tali got the Geth Data
Feros Renegade end, try to save everyone I can, intimidating Jeong

Everyone Recruited - Kasumi and Zaheed too
Helped Liara
Tried to warn Batarians (May be a renegade badass but still, it's a colony...)
All loyalty missions done
Samara killed Morinth
Garrus killed Sidonus
Kal'Reeger alive
Tali wasn't exiled
Encouraged Cease Fire
Kept Genophage Cure
Either/or when it comes to Zaheed, but renegade either way
Kasumi kept greybox
Explored the galaxy
Scanned the galaxy
Probed the galaxy
Kelly is feeding the fishes
Released David

Everyone survived the Omega 4 relay (crew and team)

Yea, I don't exactly know any other major details, it's been awhile since I played ME2 through (Poor Kelly, turning into a human gooey slurry) so, yea... If anyone could assist me in either figuring out how to craft this with Gibbed or a file to use (or closest to that, cause I like the thought of being able to be Renegade and not have to lose ME3 prospects because I had to not complete a mission as a paragon...)
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