ME 3 PS3 Game Saves -Spoiler-

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ME 3 PS3 Game Saves -Spoiler-

Postby Zarathustra » May 24th, 2012, 9:44 am


I've been searching for a while now and finally came across this board, so if you'll please bear with me I have a question!

I'm currently playing ME3 on PS3 and am completely stuck on Priority Rannoch - The Reaper Boss. I wonder, is there any way to get a game save file for the game directly AFTER this battle? I know, pathetic! I love the game but have never been brilliant at shooters, I even play on Narrative mode!

I thought it couldn't hurt to ask, I'm guessing it depends on a lot of variables, such as who you've romanced, what choices you've made in the game, etc. But again, I thought I'd find out. I'm desperate here, cannot get past this level no matter how many times I try to!

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