Found a save converter from console to pc, too bad....

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Found a save converter from console to pc, too bad....

Postby Vengurd » June 17th, 2013, 11:18 am

My old 360 harddrive is currently in storage a few thousand miles away from me, which means the old save file I had for Mass Effect is stuck way out there and I'm without the save I need to continue my adventures with ME2 and ME3.

I stumbled on this place and thought I could make a request. I know I wont get exactly what I want (from what I understand I can use the save and still make a new character) which is fine with me, its the amount of progress I have lost that I have issue with.

I was working on my third play through, hard difficulty, level fifty-eight and running renegade since I had already done paragon in the second play through. So you see my predicament?

I tried looking for a save file generator but have found no such luck, so I'm here to make a request for a new save file- Femshep, primarily paragon/mixed, all side missions complete, anderson on the counsel, old one saved, etc. I found a list of various decisions I'm thinking of turning into a list since I haven't found a save file that matches what I've done/would like to do in my fourth play through (all with the same character...). Since I wont be continuing that save, I wont ask for multiple play throughs though I am sure my request will pretty much demand multiple play throughs.

Anyone willing to do this, let me know and I'll see about dropping the list of decisions on here as well as going through the old strategy guide I have for anything else. Oh, class is soldier btw.

Please and thank you.
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