ME3 PC NG+ Save file

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ME3 PC NG+ Save file

Postby adzcriz » April 26th, 2013, 1:43 pm

Well figured id share my Adept. ive included a Copy paste of Aiden shepard simply becuase the ME1 and 2 details are pretty much the same, ive edited the odd details. but for the most part its identical.
Perfect for starting new game with, loads of save files, Requires ALL DLC to make use of weapons etc. Most of the DLC mods are 5 and all DLC weapons are 10

SIDENOTE: i had Reckoner armour and Chakram launcher unlocked, but it shouldn't affect you i hope, if you dont have it unlocked on your account i believe it will just remove reckoner and chakram from your game is all. but i may be mistaken.

95% of mods are 5 (missed a couple i think and didnt show up in shops so meh. nowt important, easy enough to pickup at start of game)
All armour purchased (Sidenote, in these files ive also unlocked armour debugging, was mainly curious)

Anyone with a passing familiarity with Gibbed save file editor can change the class/romance history etc. 25 Save files including Newgameplus and Legend save
(Gibbed avail here = ... ----;O=D) (386 KB)!HhJDnTYC!Cs9uSGIXR ... QRMOInapGg

Name: Oscar Shepard (the ME1 file i used orig from years ago was from here)
Gender: Male
Level: 60
Class: Adept
Alignment: Paragon
Background: Spacer
Reputation: War Hero
Virmire survivor: Kaiden
ME1 + ME2 Romance = None
ME3 Romance = Cortez

ME1 Plot (Going off the info on the save profile):

Wrex: Alive
Council: Saved the original Council
Rachni queen: Spared
Paragon/Renegade decisions: 100% Paragon
Zhu's hope: Everyone survived including Shiala
Elkoss Combine License: Purchased
Asari writings: Collected all
Bring down the sky: Completed, hostages were freed and terrorist got away

ME2 Plot:

Crew: Recruited everyone including Kasumi and Zaeed
Loyalty: Everyone was loyal
..........Garrus: Sidonis was killed (I think) (not actually sure myself, i cant remember)
..........Jack: Let Aresh go
..........Jacob: Jacob's dad was arrested
..........Kasumi: Kept the graybox
..........Legion: Rewrote the heretics
..........Mordin: Kept the genophage data
..........Samara: Killed Morinth
..........Tali: Was found not guilty without revealing her father's experiments
..........Thane: Joram Talid was spared and Kolyat was arrested
..........Zaeed: Didn't kill Vido but was persuaded to be loyal
Survival: Everyone including the Normandy crew survived
Collector base: Destroyed
Paragon/Renegade decisions: Almost all out paragon.
Kelly: Did not have dinner with Kelly
Overlord DLC: Completed and took David to the academy
Note: Completed every single mission including DLC, also bought all ship models, fishes and the space hamster

ME3 Plot:

Krogan/Salarian/Turian conflict
Wrex or Wreave negotiator: Wrex
Who created the cure: Mordin
The sabotage: Warned Mordin
The cure: Distributed (Mordin died)
Peace: Achieved (Eve survived)

Quarian/Geth conflict
Tali & Legion: Both alive for negotiations
Admiral Xan: Saved
Quarians/Geth: Legion sacrificed to achieve peace between Quarians and Geth, Tali survived

Companions' missions
Miranda: Completed, she survived
Kaiden: Survived the citadel and joined the squad
Cortez: Survived the crash
Samara: Completed, she survived and was persuaded to stay
Jack: Completed, she survived and suggested support roles for the kids
Javik: Completed and joined the squad
Grunt: Completed, Grunt survived and the Rachni queen was set free
Thane: Confronted Kai Leng

Illusive man: Suicide
Ending: Synthesis
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