Universal ME3 NG+ Game Save and Tools

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Universal ME3 NG+ Game Save and Tools

Postby PotentPotions » February 14th, 2013, 4:32 pm

Hey there --

I have just joined the forums here, but I've been lurking a long time and have used all sorts of saves I've downloaded from here.

The other day, I was playing ME3, and my game crashed for some unknown reason. I feared corruption in the gamesave when I restarted the game, so I
copied my save folder to a backup directory before restarting. When I did restart, I loaded the AutoSave and it took off right where the game had crashed and when it was done, I had my endgame and it imported back into ME3 as an NG+ with no difficulty. Now being a game modder from way back, I got to thinking that it would be interesting to see if I could mod the save and get the same results for a different class/gender/romance option, etc. What I did was find a whole bunch of information from various scattered sources, and using that information with Gibbed's ME3 save editor and a couple of Xbox 360 modding tools, and I discovered that I could use the save on the PC *AND* on the Xbox 360, and all of my edits work just fine to load the game and after completion from the save point I had a perfectly acceptable endgame save to import as NG+ to play ME3 again.

I have tested it with each class, both genders, all romances and with differing plot choices edited using the plot tables I found. Every one of them has resulted in an NG+ save with exactly the setup I edited for so that I could play the game from the beginning with exactly the character and plot I desired. The side-effect included that the game starts with ALL of the Weapons and Mods at their highest level (all weapons at level 10, all mods at 5) ALL of the models and fish and the hamster are in your cabin, and ALL of the available armor pieces are unlocked.

The most satisfying part for me was the fact that the saves work on BOTH my PC and on my Xbox 360. I have tested them all. On the PC, I have also tested them with and without MEHEM v2.0 (Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod - Google it if you're interested) and with and without ALL DLC including Omega, and I have also tested it on the Xbox with and without ALL DLC. All of the combinations have worked just fine provided I was careful and made sure I had the right plot variable set. ;)

If anyone would be interested, I have a zip file with a copy of the AutoSave file both as pcsav and xbsav and several txt files with plot variables, GAW asset listings and other useful information for game editing that I created. The instructions file also includes links to all of the tools I used.

If Annakie is interested, I would also be happy to provide the file for the collection of tools available here. What I've enjoyed most about it is that importing an NG+ created like this is that I get to play the game from the beginning with different choices without having to go through the tedium of hunting down every weapon, resource, mod, armor piece, etc. I can just enjoy the storyline and play -- All I really have to keep an eye out for is ammo, datapads with info, and other plot related stuff. It's been a lot of fun.

**A word of warning, however** If you have not played the game through the ending sequence, this might spoil it a bit for you. The load point is at the VERY end decision making point of the game and you will see whichever of the three endings you choose if you do not have MEHEM installed. If you have MEHEM, you will load up into the animation at the end and will just get to watch the end stuff as the game creates your save.

Have fun out there!


Okay, I have some changes I've made. Now, instead of having the spoiler of playing the endgame sequence, I now have an endgame save that can be edited with any changes you wish then saved so you can start a NG+ using that file. I have confirmed it works on both the PC and the Xbox -- I spent about four hours of my evening modding saves and creating custom saves from requests last night, and it works perfectly... as long as I double-check the plot flags before I make that final save before importing... LOL

If anyone has any special requests for specific plot conditions saves, feel free to drop by http://social.bioware.com and drop me a note. My user name there is also PotentPotions.

Have fun!

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Re: Universal ME3 NG+ Game Save and Tools

Postby [Detheroc_93] » February 18th, 2013, 1:58 pm

That would great.
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