Import level 60 - Talent Point question

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Import level 60 - Talent Point question

Postby toastysquirrel » July 18th, 2012, 8:00 am

So I just started a new game. I imported a save which I downloaded from the site. The character was level 30. I used the ME2 save game mod to make it level 60 (because that's the level I was, or there abouts for my own save on my xbox 360).

Anyway, I noticed my talent points are at 178.
I don't want that many points. :)
I want to have whatever I should have for playing the game through from the beginning, just with the choices imported.
I tried modding my ME3 save game down to level 30, with *1* talent point. But when I started the game (Just got to Mars), I now have 58 talent points.

Any suggestions on how to remedy this?
Thanks :)

Also, this isn't really related but anyone know if there's a way for a new game if you can skip to after the Reapers have landed, you know, when you finally get to control Shepard?
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Re: Import level 60 - Talent Point question

Postby [Detheroc_93] » January 31st, 2013, 6:45 am

First of all, the maximum level in ME2 is 30.

Secondly, if you imported a lvl30 character, you'll get around 60 points (I don't remember.). However, you can always hack you talent points using Gibbed's ME3 Save Editor.
If you need help with that, contact me, but I'm sure it's EXTREMELY simple.

Hope I helped!
See you around.
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