ME1 : reaching lvl60 in one playthrough

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ME1 : reaching lvl60 in one playthrough

Postby macio25 » March 26th, 2012, 10:51 am

sorry if there is a similar topic but i didn't find any.

So, is there a way (cheat, criticalmass, some editor anything) to unlock levels 51-60 on my first playthrough (without ng+) in mass effect 1?
Thanks in advance for any reply.eff
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Re: ME1 : reaching lvl60 in one playthrough

Postby Amberion » April 20th, 2012, 6:02 pm

you will need to enable the console(details in the link) and use the console command givexp (value). A level 60 character requires 862,100 XP. Generally, with all boosts to XP from achievements, you should be able to hit around level 53-54 in one playthrough without cheating. That's assuming you have the achievement to unlock levels beyond 50. The XP requirements to go higher are exponentially greater, in some cases doubling the amount of experience you need to get even one level.

to unlock levels 51-60 you need to type in the console "unlockachievement 1" without quotes. This gives you the 'medal of honor achievement' which unlocks level 51-60
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