Please help make my save file from ME 2 (and 1) importable

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Please help make my save file from ME 2 (and 1) importable

Postby tandbergj » April 22nd, 2016, 5:28 pm

Please help make my save file from ME 2 (and 1) importable to Me3

Hello, I have all the save files from the end of ME2 winning the game, all the way from a ME1 character import. I can not get the Gibber save editor to even open my files, without an error message saying file is corrupt, And when I put them into mass effect 2's save game folders I have no luck seeing my character in the ME3 import Screen on new game. So I will attach a Zip file of all the saves from my mass effect 2 character. Could someone turn them into a viable ME3 import file (technically ME2 save file to put in ME2 save folder I suppose,) and then give me the exact path to put the file for ME3 recognition. Please preserve all of my choices, stats, histories, so I can play a continuous story. the character is named TRENDSTORR SHEPARD and he has the defualt male face. IT should be easy. It would really help I just can't get this to work after a few hours of trying. If someone who has done this before or many times could just help me out so I can finish the trilogy it would mean a lot to me. Thanks in advance. EDIT: I UPLOADED THE ZIPPED FOLDER TWICE AND A TEST FILE BUT THEY DO NOT SEEM TO BE ANYWHERE ON HERE. IF YOU CANT GET MY SAVES EMAIL ME AT TANDBERGJ@GMAIL.COM AND I WILL SEND YOU THE SAVE FILES. GOOD GREIF.
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