Need help importing to Xbox360 - Me2

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Need help importing to Xbox360 - Me2

Postby armada60 » July 23rd, 2013, 7:48 am


So I'm having issues importing saved games. I want to use a Me2 saved game as a import for Me3. I have found multiple saves on the main website which will do fine, but I cant get any of them to work. Once I downloaded the save I then convert it to xbox format using the Gibbed saved editor. I've simply been loading the pc save then saving it as an xbox save to do this. Then I load Modio and try to drag the save into it but get a Invalid Package error. I've sorted the work around for this from reading other posts. What I've done was download and loaded a Me2 save off Modio itself, then open/edit the inner contents of that save/package and replaced the save with the converted save from Gibbed.

Heres where things go wrong, all the saves that are on Modio include 3 files, Autosave.xbsav , Chaptersave.xbsav and Save_00(whatever).xbsav so when I replace the save with the converted Gibbed save, the auto and chapter saves are still there (not replaced by anything). If I leave in these save when I go to load the save in-game it appears that the original save I downloaded is still present (I haven't actually loaded one yet but the Character name is the same from the original save, so I'm assuming it hasn't worked), and if I deleted the auto and chapter saves then nothing appears in-game to load.

What do I need to do!?!?!?

Note that I have never played Me2 on my 360 console, could this be causing anything?

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