PC M2 Save files corruption

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PC M2 Save files corruption

Postby Lyvinder » May 5th, 2013, 2:26 am


I have tried importing the save files from this site and have yet had any success with it.

What I have done is that iv followed the "how to import" but just to dobble check, this is what i did.

New Folder in the ME2 Save folder
Named folder John_22_Vanguard_050513
Open that folder and placed the save filed into that( Filed DL from here was named John01_QuickSave.MassEffectSave

When that is done i try to find it in both ME2 and ME3 (Have all M2 DLC) but it just dont show up. When i renamed the file to either Save_0051.pcsav or John_60_Save_0051.pcsave the save filed showes up in ME2 but is now corrupted and cant be used. I have tried with several different saves but non of the saves i want are .pcsave when DLed.

So what am i doing wrong?
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