file extentions and related isued pc-xbox

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file extentions and related isued pc-xbox

Postby remmer » March 6th, 2013, 4:43 pm

im having trouble with the saves iv found here gibbed cant read any of them since they all seem to be .masseffectsave and its looking for .pcsav or .xbsav.
i figrured it shouldn be too much work to convert a pc save to an xbox save but its been much more hassle than i thought it would be to get a clear idea of whats even wrong
...if the appropriae extention for pc saves is .masseffectsave as it seems from some of the import help pages here then why is gibbed looking for .pcsav and how do i change it to the .pcsave so gibbed can recognize it wihout geting an unrecognized save type error and unhandled exception error
ps the save files dont seem too descriptive on where their at particulartly the mid game saves ...or am i missing something there?
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