Suggestion for Mass Effect Saves.

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Suggestion for Mass Effect Saves.

Postby [Detheroc_93] » January 31st, 2013, 7:10 am

Add the number of resources in ME2 Major Info. Some people had problems while importing the ME2 save into ME3 and had "Mineral Resources War Asset" set to 10 or 25 (instead of maximum 100). That's all for now. Hope you approve of this.

Note: Most of us saw this on Mass Effect Wiki:

"Note: Due to a potential bug, if the imported minerals are excessively high it is possible that only 10 military strength will be given, instead of 100. For instance should you edit your saves to acquire 500,000 or 9,999,999 of each mineral, this war asset will be worth only 10."

I think it's not correct. In ME1 I surveyed every mineral and finished the quest. In ME2, I had more than 1000000 of each resource (except Element Zero, which was around 350000) and I scanned every planet to Depleted Status, but depleted most of my credits to do so - I was left with about 12000 credits, I think.
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